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To ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our Employees while they are at work and of others who may be affected by their undertakings, and to comply with all the relevant legislation.

To ensure the principles of health and safety are clearly understood throughout Celtic Contractors Ltd, we will be committed to:

  • ensuring that there are arrangements put into place for the effective planning, development and review of this health and safety policy;
  • ensuring that appropriate systems are developed and maintained for the effective communication of health and safety matters throughout the Company;
  • protecting the safety and health of all Employees within the Company by preventing work-related injuries, ill health, diseases and incidents;
  • complying with relevant health and safety laws and regulations, voluntary programmes, collective agreements on health and safety and other requirements to which the Company subscribes;
  • ensuring that Employees and their representatives are consulted and encouraged to participate actively in all elements of the Health and Safety Management System;
  • continually improving the performance of the Health and Safety Management System;
  • provide the necessary information, instruction and training to Employees and others, including temporary Employees to ensure their competence with respect to health and safety;
  • devote the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure the health and safety of Employees. Expert help will be sought where the necessary skills are not available within the Company;
  • liaise and work with all necessary persons to ensure health and safety, and will also ensure that adequate arrangements are also in place for ensuring the health and safety of visitors.

We will take all reasonable steps to implement, monitor and maintain safe plant, substances, equipment, working environments and working practices within the Company. We will continuously improve our management systems, in order to protect Employees and others from risks to their health, safety and welfare whilst engaged in work related activities of the Company.

Health and Safety should never be compromised for other objectives.

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